OUR AWARD WINNING HERD Started in 2006 with five animals.

Our herd

To visit us and view our beautiful herd, please email us or call Paul on 07984 458869

How it all began

Love at first sight ~ and our lives changes forever!

We were at the Northumberland County Show in 2002 when Kathryn came running down the busy aisle exclaiming – "Paul! Paul! You’ve got to come and look at these”! The rest, as they say, is history.

A chap had a small pen of white alpacas and for Kathryn it was love at first sight. We immediately sought to start a small herd, however we found the market to be pretty immature at that stage. There were very few other herds in the area and our local vets had little experience of camelids.

Undeterred, Kathryn continued to research keeping alpacas, and four years later, all Paul's “objections” had been answered. Not only that, but Kathryn had now bought into to the idea of starting a small breeding herd ... not just pets! In October 2006, we took delivery of 3 pregnant females and 2 companion males, and Nero Black Alpaca was born.

Without doubt, that brief encounter in 2002, has changed our lives – for the better of course. Kathryn chose to breed black huacayas – not just because she thought they looked best – but fundamentally they had most scope for improvement in breeding quality. The numbers of blacks at shows are increasing, but we’ve had a good share of winners and champions – feeding our competitive tendencies of course! Also, the value of darker coloured alpacas seems to be holding up better than the more common lighter colours in these tough economic times.

Kathryn has always insisted that we continue to source the top genetics to develop our herd, and we regularly sell to keep our numbers manageable and fun.

Careful expansion of the herd

Coupled with more land and facilities.

Having sold Nero Black Ice in 2015, as he was so closely related to many of our top females, we now have four exceptional stud males who we use selectively together with top outside options.

Our first major stud purchase, Houghton Cosmic, shown on the left, has had an instant impact with one of his first cria Nero Black Chancer having taken Championships and been sold as a stud himself. Cosmic went on to take Champion Dark Herdsire at the 2018 Nationals and now has approaching 20 progeny.

Over the past 4 years we have purchased 8 beautiful black females. These acquisitions form a key part of our plans to carefully expand the herd since buying our own land in 2014. Our new American barn was erected in the spring of 2016, and now we have the Log Cabin to complete the jigsaw!

We currently have 29 alpacas with 11 “in the oven”.

Growth of our Alpaca knitwear business

Inspired by our first shearing ~ our alpaca fashion business was born!

As our herd was sheared for the first time in 2007, Kathryn decided to produce knitwear from their fibre. With the help of a grant to commission exclusive designs from a Hexham-based knitwear designer, we recruited knitters from the local area and in short order 'Wear Alpaca' was created. Since then, it has since gone from strength to strength. Check out our latest fashions and accessories at www.wear-alpaca.co.uk

Whereas most other alpaca knitwear has a traditional ‘country’ look, our garments offer a more contemporary feel and are all in keeping with today’s trends, yet offer a vintage look. This makes Wear Alpaca knitwear distinctive and unique.

Our award winning herd

The herd's track record speaks for itself.

  • Nero Black Moutbatten wins Intermediate Light Male 1st at Northumberland and Huacaya Supreme Champion.
  • Nero Black The Chancer takes 1st places at each of The Nationals, Scotland, Northumberland, Westmoreland and Yorkshire. He was Champion Black Huacaya in Scotland and Yorkshire.
  • Houghton Cosmicwins Champion Huacaya Dark Herd Sire at the BAS National Championships

  • Nero Black Maestro wins Intermediate Black Male 1st and Reserve Champion at NWAG and Scotland. He also wins Adult Male 1st. and Black Male Champion at Yorkshire.
  • Nero Black Bamboo wins Black Male 1st at Scotland and Northumberland.
  • Nero Black Mountbatten wins Light Male 2nd and Reserve Light Male Champion at both NWAG and Scotland. He also wins Light Junior Male 1st and Light Male Champion at Northumberland. As an Intermediate he also wins LIght Male 1st at Yorkshire and Light Male 1st and Light Male Champion at Westmoreland.
  • Nero Black Ercolani wins Junior Black Male 1st at NWAG and 2nd at Scotland.

  • Nero Black Maestro wins Junior Brown Male 4th at the Nationals, plus Junior Brown Male 2nd and Reserve Champion at Scottish Nationals..
  • Nero Black Bamboo wins Intermediate Fawn Male 2nd at Scottish Nationals, and Intermediate Fawn Male and Reserve Champion at Northumberland.
  • Nero Black Guinness wins Junior Black Male 2nd at the Nartionals.
  • Houghton Cosmic wins Intermediate Black Male 4th at the Nationals.

  • Nero Black Reddington wins 1st Junior Male in his class at the Nationals plus 1st Junior and Reserve Black Male Champion at Northumberland
  • Nero Black Bamboo wins 3rd in his classes at the Nationals (Junior) and Showtime (Intermediate) and 1st Intermediate and Reserve Fawn Male Champion at Yorkshire
  • Nero Black Guinness wins 1st Junior Black Male and Reserve Champion at Yorkshire – Oolala, bought as a junior from Little Eskrigg takes 1st Intermediate Female and Black Champion at the same show.

  • Nero Black Shadow wins Huacaya Intermediate Male - Black 1st and Champion Black Male Reserve at National Show. Also takes Intermediate Male Black 1st and Champion Male Black at Alpaca Showtime. Finally, wins Intermediate Male - Black 1st and Champion Black Male at NWAG.
  • Nero Black Ice wins Championship Adult Male - Black 1st and Black Male Reserve at NWAG.
  • Nero Black Diamond wins Huacaya Intermediate Female - Black 2nd at National Show and Intermediate Female Black 2nd at Alpaca Showtime. Also Intermediate Female - 1st and Champion Black Female Reserve at NWAG Alpaca Championship.
  • Nero Black Truffle wins: Junior Female - Black 3rd and Junior Female black 2nd and Champion Female Black Reserve at National Show. Also wins Junior Female - Black 1st and Champion Black Female at NWAG Alpaca Championship.

  • Nero Black Shadow wins Junior Male - Black 3rd at Futurity, and Best British Bred Huacaya, Junior Male - Black 1st , and Champion Black Male at NWAG Alpaca Championship. Also wins Intermediate Male - Black 1st and Champion Black Male at the Westmorland County Show. Also wins Champion Black Male Reserve and Intermediate Male - Black 1st at the Yorkshire Alpaca Group Show
  • Nero Black Diamond wins: Junior Female (A) - Black 4th at Futurity. Also wins Junior Female - Black 3rd at NWAG Alpaca Championship. Also wins Junior Female - Black 2nd at Northumberland. Also wins Intermediate Female - Black 1st and Champion Black Female at Westmorland County Show. Also wins Intermediate Female - Black 1st and Champion Black Female at Yorkshire Alpaca Group Show.
  • Nero Black Rose wins Intermediate Female - Black 2nd at Futurity.
  • Nero Black Betty wins Junior Black Female 1st at Northumberland Show.

We're proud of our black award winning high quality alpaca herd ...

We continually source top genetics to enhance its excellence.